Interior Alignment Life Coaching – Coach Kris

Hello, I am Life Coach Kris the creator and CEO of Interior Alignment Life Coaching . Our company represents the practice of bringing the power back to your already complete inner greatness that we all inherently possess. You will notice that our company logo has what appears to be the sliver of the moon wrapping around our company name. The moon represents your inherent greatness. This representation is to give the example that even the moon is only partially visible at times, but in fact it is complete and whole. We can go through very challenging seasons of life and sometimes it is hard to see all of our inner greatnesses and potential.

When I was growing up I often felt fearful, completely lost, and unaware of my potential. Then as I got older I continued to struggled greatly with finding my place or purpose in the world. However there would be times that I could feel this deep calling inside of me to do something meaningful with my life, but I couldn’t really discover exactly what that was. Feeling determined, I dove deep within myself through spiritual practices, meditation, mindfulness, and self discovery. Through this process I came to ultimately recognize that all of that greatness, potential, and purpose was already there, I just needed to tap into it and skillfully align it with the life I desired to live.

Being able to completely transform my life from feeling lost and confused to living a life that is enriched with meaning, love, and excitement is what has inspired me to create Interior Alignment Life Coaching. Here at IALC we specialize in partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process to help unlock the personal and professional life they dream of. With a foundation based in mindfulness and meditation we utilize the practice of bringing awareness to every aspect of your life to enhance the process of creating alignment within yourself. When our inner conditions are optimal and our purpose is clear, we are able to manifest our desired outcome in any situation with greater clarity and less effort. 

What effect would it have on your life if you were able to increase your overall satisfaction in the most important areas of your life? What effect would it have on those around you?

We look forward to facilitating the space for you to live authentically and bring change, understanding, and growth into your life. The journey awaits you.

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