Gratitude Is My Superpower!

The quality of our life is based on how we perceive our reality. If our mind is constantly filled with negativity, then we will naturally attract more negativity into our life. However, if our mind is filled with gratitude and joy, then our quality of life will reflect that, and we will experience much higher levels of satisfaction and well-being. 

When I made the conscious decision to start infusing everything I do with gratitude, my quality of life drastically changed. Every aspect of my life became vibrantly colorful and filled with meaning. I especially use the practice of gratitude when I am going through challenges in life. I approach the hard times with a positive attitude and view the challenge as a blessing from the universe to help me evolve and grow into a better version of myself as I overcoming the challenge. 

The super power of gratitude is a wonderful tool to help transform negative emotions and though patterns. If you are feeling unfulfilled’s and life doesn’t seem to have much meaning, take some time to reflect on your life and start writing down all of the things that you can be grateful for. You can start with having clean water to drink, the food you eat, air to breathe, still being alive, the people you have in your life etc. By reflecting on some of the essential parts of your life that can commonly be taken for granted, you can refocus your mind and begin to cultivate a feeling of gratitude in this present moment.

Would you like to give it try? Ok, lets do it!

You can start by sitting in a comfortable position or laying down, and begin to relax your body from head to toe. Completely let go of any lingering thoughts or ideas and gently allow yourself to become present. Now, mindfully take 3 deep breaths. Inhale deeply and slowly allowing the bottom of your lungs to gently expand. Now exhale slowly and release all tension from the body and mind. After you have repeated this 3 times, I invite you to relax your mind and think of 3 things that you have in your life that you can be grateful for.

Take your time doing this and reflect on what role these 3 things play in your life and why they are so important. For example, if you are thinking of a friend, you can think of how special they are, how wonderful your friendship is, and how they have been there for you through thick and thin. Whatever it may be, really reflect on the richness of having these things I your life. If you are thinking of some of the essential parts of your life like food or water, you can reflect on the fact that without these things you would not survive, and all over the world that is the case for many people.

As you do this reflection and the feeling of gratitude starts to naturally rise within you, you can gently smile and allow the feeling to increasingly grow. This exercise may take some practice at first, but as you practice it more often, the benefits will gradually increase as well.

I hope that you find this exercise helpful and always remember, whenever you are feeling that you would like to uplift your spirits and infuse your mind with more joy, you can remind yourself about the superpower of gratitude!

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