What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is the process in which a Life Coach partners with a client to help them identify what is currently going on in their personal and professional life, and what results they would like to have in the future. Life Coaching is very different from therapy and counseling. The coaching process isn’t designed to focus on the past, it focuses on moving forward in your life and what conditions and resources are available for the client to discover their unique recipe for success.

Does your Life Coach have all of the answers for your life?

The answer is no. However your Life Coach knows that you have the answers inside of you, and can helps you discover them through a systematic process that enables you to obtain sustainable results. Partnering with a coach allows the client to become aware of the blockages in their life and identify their own personalized set of skills they can continuously use even after the coaching coarse to conquer adversity and reach success. By the end of the coaching coarse the client can essentially become their own coach, knowing how to approach their own life with more clarity, confidence, and wisdom.

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